Dental Implants

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What are Implants??

It’s a titanium screw that fixes to the maxillary bone and that supports a bridge where a dental crown is placed.

Implants can be used in all types of cases, from substitution of one or two teeth, even complete reconstruction solutions for fully edentulous.

Other than being a fixed solution that guarantees the re-establishment of the chewing and phonetic functions and esthetic of the mouth, implants also prevent the loss of the bone structure and the facial muscle collapse that cause early aging.

Guided Surgery System Developed By Nobel Biocare

The guided surgery system was developed by Nobel Biocare ®, leading company in implantology, practically and simply speaking, it allows to prepare the implant placement in detail which translates into enormous advantages for the patient.

Comfort, speed and practically painless.

No bleeding, no swelling, no need for suture and the fact that you can leave on the same day with a smile on your face.

The testimonies of who has lived with both situations (dentures and implants) are enlightening
I have no pain. All the pills around the house are gone. I was a machine regarding taking pills (…) That’s over which is already good! (…) Fernanda Oliveira


I had a crown on a natural tooth, but it wasn’t in good condition. They were shaking, I always had cotton in my mouth afraid they would fall (…)

Maria Luísa Mota


I used a denture and it was quite uncomfortable, (…) After having placed this fixed solution it was marvelous, I just started biting apples! (…)

Maria Teresa


I wasn’t comfortable in smiling, nor speaking…the teeth were crooked…my mouth was always closed so that people wouldn’t notice that my teeth were like that (…)

Maria Albertina


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