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Clipal, a clinic of reference

There are companies whose course speaks louder than any presentation. In such a competitive sector as the one of dental medicine and in a country in crisis for various years, Clipal has known how to sustain its growth in the quality of service rendered to its patients who are our main prescribers.

With 12 years of existence, Clipal clinics count with 5 units, distributed between Gaia and Santa Maria da Feira. No clinic reaches this longevity without having good professionals and an excellent service rendering. Our secret is the attention towards the patients’ well-being since their arrival – where a cozy space, technicians and cutting-edge equipment awaits them – but that doesn’t end when they leave the chair, the follow-up is continuous.

Clipal has all types of specialties, from implantology, with fixed and removable rehabilitation solutions, endodontics and restorations which is part of dentistry. With a multidisciplinary team, the diagnostics are made widely, not only limited to the tooth the patient’s complaining about, but by analyzing a group of situations in order to restore a good esthetic, chewing and phonetic function. But Clipal’s greatest added value is, without a doubt, the bet on implantology.

Fortunately, despite being more expensive, this solution is acknowledged as the one guaranteeing better results for the patient. There is no comparison between a removable and a fixed prosthetic solution.

Dr. Pinto de Almeida

Dr. Pinto de Almeida

Implantology Clinical Director

Having fixed teeth says it all: you can smile, cough or do the most trivial day to day things. Everybody refers the apple case, of not being able to bite an apple, I believe that is exemplary and demonstrates the advantage of fixed teeth vs removable teeth.

But regardless of the problem, from the simplest to the most complex, the Clinics Dr. Manuel Pinto de Almeida have the doors wide open for you. Your smile will appreciate it!


  • Oral Surgery
  • Advanced Implantology
  • Fixed Prothesis
  • Dentistry
  • Endodontics
  • Ortodontics
  • Oral Hygiene
  • Periodontology
  • Pediatric Dentistry

Clipal Clinics

Medical Center Dr. Pinto de Almeida – Clipal, is present in Vila Nova de Gaia, Sandim, Seixezelo and Canedo.

Clipal – Sandim

Clipal – Canedo

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