Nowadays dental medicine has several answers for problems available for patients as opposed to no solution in the past.
With all the technological advances based on scientific research, today we are able, to be less invasive, more predictable and offer more long lasting treatments.

When talking about esthetic treatments we currently have at hand various solutions. As the main objective is the maximum conservation of the dental tissue, esthetic treatments are integrated in an individual context suiting the needs of each patient.

Correction of bad dental positions with orthodontic tools or ceramic restorations with thicknesses lower than 0.5mm.
Dental whitening allows better color on teeth. Correct application and supervision from the dentist are the keys to improve the color and esthetics without ruining the tooth.

Nowadays dental crowns are used less and less. But even when necessary, they are transparent and metal free equalizing the optical effect of the tooth.

There’s an increasingly preference for porcelain veneers which are ultra-conservative esthetic restorations.
The usage of dental implants has also allowed to recover the esthetic and the function with fixed teeth allowing to develop self-esteem of patients who carry removable prosthetic solutions.

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