The orthodontic treatment consists in the application of slight forces over the teeth (the so well-known brackets/retainers), improving facial esthetics, as well as the patient’s own image. Good oral hygiene, also depends on the correct alignment of the teeth as the dental crowding makes the more subject to cavities, gingival problems and to fractures. Chewing, speaking and breathing alone are directly related with a good dental positioning, as it can avoid tempura-mandible dysfunction that cause a click or detachment sensation when opening and closing the mouth.

Despite orthodontists, specialized doctors in this area, giving more value to these factors, they know that the patient’s expectation always lays on the esthetic part and not so much the health conditions behind a retainer.

Some patients present complex dental problems that demand the placement of a retainer to be articulated with other type of interventions. At times, in the pursuit of the best final result and for it to be possible, it is necessary to carry out other complimentary treatments, such as surgeries, root canals, restorations and implants. In those situations, our clinic elaborates a treatment plan that favors a multidisciplinary approach among the several specialties, having as objective the best result for the patient.

The orthodontic treatment in adults is more and more common, as it enables a deep and more complete oral, even allowing to carry out a better work in terms of implant or crown placement, providing not just a better esthetic result, but also a bigger durability of the executed rehabilitation.

Age is not a limiting factor of the orthodontic treatment, as the teeth can move at all ages. Any person can undergo this treatment as long as they have definitive dentition as it is never too late to get a great smile.

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Opinion article from Dr. Manuel Pinto de Almeida

Opinion article from Dr. Manuel Pinto de Almeida

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